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At the point of hottest spiritual conflict in our culture today, Connection at the Fence has the aroma of supernatural connectivity—a compelling story of an unlikely alliance that had to be God-ordained.” —Robert E. Jackson, Jr., MD, Author

“It gives us a new slant on pro-life advocacy and personal accounts that will broaden your insights and build more compassion.” —Fr Dwight Longenecker, Pastor, Blogger and Author

Connection at the Fence is a most unusual pro-life book that everyone can benefit from reading.” —Richard Cash, S.C. Senator District 3

“Connection at the Fence will help people on all sides of the abortion issue gain insight and is a good starting point to a serious discussion about the need to rethink the approach our nation takes to crisis pregnancies.”  —Anne Huff, Author

“It gives an eye-opening look at the humanity involved on both sides of the fence.” —Dr. Jack Hancock, Retired Surgeon and Elder

“Dionne Boozer and Shiela Miller are brave women and my hope is that the example of respectful dialogue they demonstrate will shape and inform communities of faith and politics.”—John Hoover, Ph.D., Bestselling Author

About the book:

What could an abortion worker and a pro-life advocate possibly have in common? Love is always the best choice. Connection at the Fence is the gripping and insightful true-life story of an unlikely relationship formed by two brave women and their amazing journey to friendship outside an abortion clinic fence. This fascinating pro-life book is a unique exploration of two opposing sides revealed, with relevant, thought-provoking issues respectfully investigated and discussed.

Shiela Miller, a pro-life advocate, reached out in non-judgmental love to Dionne Boozer, an abortion worker, and their respectful communication turned into a friendship and open discussion on pro-choice and pro-life matters. Showing that what people can have in common is greater than their racial and cultural differences, they surprisingly discovered that they agreed on two main topics, pro-lifers have the best results when they promote loving attitudes towards abortion-minded women and abortion workers, and also even more importantly, that abortion is never the best option for a pregnant mother in crisis. This book chronicles some background on abortion and the pro-life movement in their region; their backgrounds and individual stories on either side of the abortion clinic fence; how their friendship evolved; and the conclusions they formed about each other and related topics along the way.

Message from the Authors:

My name is Dionne, and I’ve been an abortion worker for 18 years. I never planned to work at an abortion clinic, it just happened. I do believe that a woman has a choice about what happens to her body, but more importantly, I also am of the belief that abortion is fundamentally wrong. Something startling occurred last year: one of the protestors outside the clinic asked me to meet with her after work for a milkshake — we ultimately became friends. And not only did we become friends, but she easily convinced me to chronicle our journey together to help educate others. The plain and simple fact is that women have so many other, better options than terminating a pregnancy through abortion.

My name is Shiela, and three years ago, God called me to be a sidewalk counselor in Greenville, S.C. I do not believe in abortion as a viable option for women. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of women while they were driving into and out of the facility, and I’ve seen with my own eyes the haunted looks of those who have lost children to abortion. Their stories are very real and very unhappy.

Employees at the abortion clinic are not generally friendly to us, but Dionne was different. I felt the Holy Spirit tug at me to get to know her, befriend her, and eventually, write this book with her. We hope you enjoy reading the story of our journey from fence to friendship.

Meet the Authors:

Dionne Boozer Author

Dionne Boozer has been a pro-choice abortion worker for 18 years. She has witnessed thousands of abortions and yet has never felt one was necessary. She has two grown children, Demetria and Desmond, and one granddaughter. She enjoys playing cards with her family, listening to gospel music and has one cat, Doucey.

Shiela Miller Author

Shiela Miller has been a pro-life advocate for three years. She has been married to Robert for 28 years and has two teenage children, Bryson and Sydney; their two dogs are named Toby and Kevin. In 2013, she self-published Memoirs of a Miracle Baby, a Testimony of God's Love, available in both softbound and Kindle versions on Amazon.

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